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Can I install Logger Pro 3 to run from a server or network location?

Logger Pro 3 software for Windows will not be fully functional if it is installed on a network. Logger Pro is not like other software applications such as Microsoft Word because it needs to talk to local hardware such as a LabQuest, LabPro, or Go! Link device. If the software is not on the computer's hard drive, the definition of "local" gets confusing, and Logger Pro might expect your sensors to be connected to the server instead of to your local computer.

We do not officially support installing Logger Pro to a network location. However, you can store the Logger Pro installer on a network location, then use that copy of the installer to put Logger Pro on a client computer. We also have a silent version of the installer that can run without any user interaction. If you need to install Logger Pro to lots of computers, please contact us to get a version of the silent installer. See also:
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Note that administrative privileges are required to run any installer in all currently supported operating system.

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