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LabQuest does not respond and the screen and power light are black.

Original LabQuest
This information pertains to the original LabQuest.
If you have LabQuest 2, see LabQuest 2 FAQs

Connect the LabQuest to AC power in case the battery level is very low. Confirm that the AC outlet you use is live. Let the unit charge for a minute or so, and leave the AC adapter connected. Press the power button. This will usually revive an unresponsive LabQuest. If that was the problem, let the unit charge for eight hours or more to fully restore the battery. There is no harm in leaving the unit charging indefinitely.

There are a few other things that could cause a LabQuest to stop responding. In most cases, LabQuest is a lot like a computer and simply rebooting the device will solve the problem. If the screen is black and the power button does not work, the only option is to do a hard reset. See:
     TIL 1777: How do I reboot or reset a LabQuest?

In some rare cases it may be helpful to take the battery out and put it back in:
     TIL 2189: How do I remove or replace a LabQuest battery?

There are other circumstances in which you might need to do something else, or that a reboot is not necessary:
     TIL 1776: My original LabQuest screen is unresponsive or acts like I am tapping on the wrong spot.
     TIL 1779: LabQuest blue power button LED ring stays on, but the screen is black.
     TIL 1795: LabQuest hardkeys (buttons) do not respond.
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     TIL 1946: My LabQuest froze after receiving a low battery warning and connecting to AC power.

If none of these steps help, contact Vernier technical support to arrange repair of the unit.

Note that very low batteries is a common problem in the fall. See:
     TIL 2018: What is the best way to store LabQuest units over summer vacation?

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